The Magic Of Prague.

So as mentioned in my previous post, I have been meaning to write a review/travel post on Prague.

Instead of doing Christmas presents, my boyfriend and I decided that it would be more meaningful to go away rather than spend money on material gifts that neither of us actually need. We got a really good deal on flights and a hotel and spent what we would have paid for pressies to each other.

This trip really was magical and it was so meaningful to have at the beginning of a year. My outlook on money has changed and going away made me see that it is important to spend your money on ‘experiences’ that create memories, rather than on ample of items that you do not actually need. 

2 minutes of joy that I get from buying new clothes or receiving a parcel has well and truly been trumped by memories created that will last a lifetime.

We went to Prague for 3 days which I feel is the perfect amount of time. We arrived really late on the Tuesday night and our flight home was 8pm on the Friday. I didn’t leave feeling as though I had missed out on anything and we ticked off everything that we had put on our to do list.

We stayed in the H7 Rubicon Palace which was a 4* hotel. This was perfect, it looked luxurious, it was clean and it was only a 10 minute walk from everything. The Hotel was only 35 minutes from the airport. As we were tired we jumped straight into a taxi (which cost us 700 Czech Crowns) but the Metro was close and there were buses that you could pre-book if you were after something cheaper.

Day One: 

Day One we woke up early and over Breakfast (in our hotel) we planned out our day. We got ourselves a map and located everything that was on our list and planned out when to do these and how to group these. There is so much you can group together and even see on the same day that our plans worked out really well without going back on ourselves too much.

Day One was freezing (although not the coldest of the days!) and we had it in our heads that day, that we were going to wander round, to get our bearings and get lost if we had to. We didn’t however, find ourselves getting lost at all, Prague is actually very straightforward to navigate around. One of our goals was to not use google maps for the whole time we were there and to revert to the dark ages by relying on our good old trusty paper map. I thought we would have no chance, considering that I have the  worst sense of direction ever and use google maps everywhere around London but we kept to our word and I felt super chuffed!

On the Wednesday morning we wandered down to the Christmas Markets and the Square, which is home to the Astronomical Clock and loads of cute stalls, cafes’ and cathedrals. It is honestly so beautiful. There is one café, that we went to which is so cute and very handy when you lose feeling in your fingers! I spotted it and my boyfriend thought I was mad when he saw that it was only outside seating, but there were fire pit’s and blankets that warmed us up, as well as the most amazing Hot Chocolate! 

After our first pit stop we wandered around the Jewish Quarter and attended a tour of the Synagogue which was really interesting. We finished around 3pm and made our way to the National Museum, which took FOREVER to get into, and in -1 degree’s this was not ideal as for the majority of the wait you have to queue outside …and it isn’t much warmer either when you make it inside! I would definitely recommend booking tickets in advance… your fingers will thank you! Once you’re inside though, it is worth it. The structure of the building is amazing and to learn about the history and culture of Prague is a must.

After the National Museum, we headed back to our hotel to freshen up before dinner. After all of the walking we had done that day we had certainly built up an appetite and I was craving a beast of a burger, so we decided to go to the Hard Rock Café (situated in the Old Town Square). I would definitely recommend going to Hard Rock, the atmosphere was great. As usual they have a band playing, but the setup in this property was really cool, as the bar and band are on the Ground Floor and everyone eating is on floors 1 and above so you get to look through the middle over the band. The beer is super cheap in here as well! I really hope it’s not true when they say 1 beer is equivalent to 8 slices of bread!!

One point worth mentioning and I do not know what I was thinking but avoid wearing any sort of heels. Your feet will hate you and you will struggle to navigate around Prague’s cobbled streets! I put on a chunky boot and I struggled with this, most people don’t even bother getting changed for Dinner and stay wearing what they have had on all day. You’ll look silly tottering around in heels. Even though mine weren’t proper heels, I felt stupid!

Because of my vanity, the balls of my feet were KILLING. Like pain you will never believe. So I begged my boyfriend for us to get a taxi home. We made it back to the main part where the taxi’s gathered but warning… not all of the taxi’s at night are legal taxi’s. We got in one that tried to charge us 700 Czech Crowns (THE SAME PRICE AS OUR FARE FROM THE AIRPORT) for a 2 minute drive round the corner. My boyfriend was oblivious and I stopped the car to get out and we did manage to haggle him down… but just a caution. 

Day Two: 

Day Two of exploring Prague and probably my favourite day. We walked and walked and walked and walked … and walked! On the agenda for day two we wanted to head over to the other side of Prague, crossing Charles Bridge, to the Castle side.

On our way down to crossing the bridge we purchased river boat tickets for a 1 hour boat ride down the river. In hindsight, I think this would be the only thing I would change about our trip. THE BOAT WAS SO SLOW. I could of canoed faster down the river! You couldn’t even hear the tour guide as the boats get pretty busy and everyone was just talking over the poor person trying to give the standard tour guide speech. After a tedious hour, we arrived back to land, crossed the Charles Bridge and headed over to the other side of Prague.

Walking around Prague, you will see so many churches and cathedrals and they are all just beautiful, so we spent so much time stopping and starting and taking photos. First on our list for the day was to see the John Lennon wall. Because of all our stopping (and our slow boat ride) we didn’t actually get to the wall till around 3pm. It was beautiful and is lovely to say that you have seen it and get the photo, but you wouldn’t spend much longer than 10 minutes here.

The John Lennon Wall

After we then headed to the Petrin Tower. 

The Petrin Tower is something you HAVE to do if you are visiting Prague. You will not get better views of the entire City and it is worth facing your fear of heights, getting scared that the Tower is going to come down because of the wind (you can literally feel it swaying), and losing your fingers to frostbite (SO chilly up here).

It was beautiful though and we went at what seemed like a perfect time, getting Prague with the sun going down and all of the City lights on.

The view from the Petrin Tower

After the Petrin Tower we headed to a Mexican for dinner. I can’t remember the name and it’s a shame because they did the best Nachos!

Day Three: 

Our last day. We explored the Metro on our last day and jumped on the Metro over to the Castle which is right next to the Petrin Tower. The queue for the Castle is again a long one, but it moves and is free to get in so I would recommend sticking it out. Inside the castle walls they have Christmas markets which are super cute, tons of food stalls which are far too tempting. Yes I did have a waffle AND Doughnuts! I couldn’t resist.

After our Castle visit we were getting ready to say goodbye and picking up any last minute gifts and goodies from the Markets. By the way, there are these desserts called Tredenliks EVERYWHERE. You can get them with all sorts of toppings on, but let me tell you, if you’re a Nutella lover like me, then you are in for a treat!

We caught our flight home and definitely suffered with holiday blues. I had the best time, we made the most of every single hour and I took home a valuable lesson… material goods really are only there for a short while whereas memories last forever. Prague was truly magical.

Setting a Five Year Plan

How do you make a five year plan when you want to squeeze so much in? I feel like I am still so young but am reaching a point in my life where I do really have to start making some adult decisions!

I am all for setting goals and aims to work towards, but right now my life feels so crazy and unorganised that I feel as though if I set some goals and put in place a five year plan then I am just setting myself up to fail. I hate failing.

I am ambitious and I work very hard, I constantly want my brain to take in more and with my career I am always looking for my next challenge. My personal life however I am very much the opposite, I feel scared of life, and I do things on the safe side and at the moment I feel as though I am stuck and not getting anywhere. If you had asked me five years ago, I could not see myself being in this mess…

If you ask me what I would like to achieve in the next five years it would be the below. I am 25 so I feel as though setting some goals and aspirations at this point in my life is significant, I am a quarter of a century after all!

Charlotte’s goals to achieve by 30 years of age: 

  • Clear all my debt
  • Have sufficient savings
  • Own a home
  • Be at the peak of my career
  • Be happy
  • Be expecting a child or be very close to having one!

I look at this list and with how quick time is flying, I truly believe five years is not enough time to achieve all of these and it is making me anxious and very nervous. I look at other people and think “how are you so together?!?!”

For example, as mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been suffering from anxiety because I have recently accepted and taken note of my debt. I really, really, really should have listened to my mum when she told me to set money aside for a rainy day.

How am I going to clear this debt AND own a home AND have sufficient savings? If I am focusing on excelling in my career then do I have time for a baby?  If I am stressing about these things then how am I going to be HAPPY?!

Life is flying so quickly and I never appreciated this when I was younger. Is it best to just live life day by day?

Is setting a five year plan unrealistic and putting unnecessary pressure on ourselves? On the flip side is this way of thinking just burying our heads in the sand and not addressing our problems?

I would love to hear some thoughts on this, I am such an organised and together person at work but when it comes to my own life I feel hopeless!





Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash