Permanent Holiday Needed.

Rest is such a vital factor when it comes to leading a healthy and balanced life. It is just as important, if not more important, as eating healthy and exercising.

It is no secret that I do not sleep enough. I probably go to bed around 11pm and wake up at 5:10am. I am an hour shy of the recommended amount of 7-9 hours of sleep a night, and believe me, I am the type of person that needs my 8 hours sleep!

It was evident on my most recent holiday, that I was mentally and physically drained. I went away with my lovely Mumsy for a week, a week that we had intended to switch off and chill and oh my god did we do just that.

Packing my suitcase I had every intention to visit the hotel gym, go on a few long walks with my mum and keep up some sort of fitness regime so that I didn’t completely die when I got back in the gym when I was home. I had every intention to do this (as a quarter of my gym gear took up my suitcase!) but once I was away from life and my routine I just could not find the motivation to do this. I didn’t do ANY exercise for a WHOLE WEEK!

It was obvious my body needed to rest and recharge. I was falling asleep at 10pm most nights and I wasn’t waking up until 10am or 11am the next day. It was bliss. I laid on a sunbed all day (I definitely was not lacking Vitamin D at the moment), I read 3 books, I ate what I want, I had no stresses and I didn’t have to think about anything.

Fast forward 3 weeks and this new refreshed woman I had became is just out of the window. I am working my butt off at work, I feel like I need multiple duvet days and I can’t seem to get back into the gym . I mean I am going but I am just hating it, I feel even more tired and I feel stuck in a rut. I’m getting to bed earlier (I think that is down to Love Island having finished) and even though I am getting that additional hour, I still am really struggling to get out of bed in the mornings!  My snooze button has never been so active!

The good news is, is that I have had 2 periods come through, two months on a trot, which is positive – I’m on the Noriday  Contraceptive Pill which is meant to stop your periods so although this is good, I am a bit confused as to what is going on!?

From next week I am going to be upping my Vegetable intake, I’ve signed up to Hello Fresh UK so that my meals are pre-planned and I will be able to make healthier choices, I have had a glance at the meals and they are full of vegetables and balanced.

I will record my meals and see if I feel there is an improvement with my tiredness.

Other than that i’m not really sure what I can do to help other than, win the lottery, move to a sunny country and start my own business!

Anyway… roll on the next holiday, 33 days (not that i’m counting!)

PCOS. Help!

I honestly feel like I am fighting a constant battle when it comes to my health. My doctors are awful and I seem to always leave with more questions that I went with. One time, my doctor even GOOGLED my symptoms in front of me and diagnosed me from that. AS IF I HADN’T ALREADY DONE THAT!!

The reason for this blog post (rant) is because of my PCOS that I have been aware of (battling) for 8 years now. I have read so much material my brain feels muddled with all the information I try and take in on this subject. I think it probably makes sense to fill you in on my story and go back to the beginning…

I started my periods at quite an early age, I was 12 years old. From the day I first started my period until the age of about 17/18 I was on the dot regular. When I say I came on my period at 11:05am on a Saturday each month it is no exaggeration. I went on the pill at 16 and even this didn’t affect the timing of my period I was still like clockwork. I then had some problems with my pills, first I was put on Cilest and I gained a ton of weight and had SERIOUS water retention, honestly I was wobbling around everywhere! I came off of Cilest and then was put on Microgynon. The weight fell off but the migraines… oh my god. I persevered with Microgynon until I was about 20 years old at which point I decided to have a break from the Pill (and contraception altogether). I broke up with my boyfriend at the time and I didn’t sleep around so I felt like it was a good opportunity to give my body a break.

I didn’t have a period for a 2 years! I thought my natural cycle would take a while to adjust to being off of contraception but I did panic and book a trip to my doctors after 6 months because along with the absence of my monthly visit from the painters I broke out in acne. It was getting me down, making me feel insecure and I didn’t want to leave the house. I was referred to the hospital and low and behold I was told that I have PCOS. I had the most unsympathetic doctor ever, who, when I asked what this is and how it would impact me replied… “Your’ll have trouble conceiving…” Thanks a lot. How insensitive.

I was confused and went back to my doctors who I felt was no help at the time. I was put on Metformin and told “don’t worry forget about it until you want to try for kids.” But how could I forget about it? I was put on medication for my skin which were no help at all, I was well and truly fed up.

One day last year my periods came back (alternative months but hey it was something!) I wasn’t on the pill so this was my real period not the artificial period that the pill provides. I was over the moon. I felt like my body hadn’t given up on me and although I used to moan about my periods when I had them, there is something about getting my period that makes me feel reassured and like I am a woman (as silly as this sounds).

I got into another relationship at this point so I had to think about going back onto contraception – I was so confused as to what would give me the fewest side affects and keep my period. The doctor I saw recommended the mini-pill (Noriday) – The mini-pill is Progestogen only. The doctor assured me that I would continue to get my period and I should give it a go – I trusted her so I agreed, this was a mistake. After 3 months of taking it I hadn’t had a period and when I went back to the doctors (a different doctor might I add) she said I wouldn’t get periods with the mini-pill. I cannot describe the anger I felt, I felt betrayed!

Anyway a year on and I am actually getting on with the mini-pill really well (aside from the fact I have no period). I booked an appointment more recently however because I’ve been experiencing extreme fatigue (literally so bad I fall asleep on the toilet at work if I shut my eyes!) Poor immune system, Aches, bland skin and hair, and finding it IMPOSSIBLE to lose weight when for the last year my diet and exercise has been very healthy and balanced (Yep…not even a pound shed). My doctor referred me for blood tests and I am waiting for the results but it got me thinking.. has this got anything to do with my PCOS?! Any thoughts and comments are much appreciated… I am pulling my hair out!