A Couch to 5K Review: From Someone That Used To Run Like Phoebe From ‘Friends’.

No joke, I used to run like Phoebe from Friends.If you’ve never watched Friends, firstly google it and secondly, what is wrong with you!? (Only joking!)

Anyway…I find myself always starting my blog posts with ,“I’ve been meaning to write this post for ages…” and the truth is has I have.I’ve been using the Couch to 5k app since the beginning of the year, where my news years resolution was to man up and try something new that was fitness related, in this case running. The year before it was to try bodypump and that is now part of my weekly exercise routine.

Now, even though I FINALLLY experience the ‘runners high’ that started off as some sort of myth to me, like seriously, what is euphoric about breathlessness, painful boobs because of all the bouncing, not forgetting the aching legs AND the pukey feeling. I can honestly say I now find running to be one of my most satisfying workouts and I too benefit from the runners high… it is a thing I promise and you can feel it too if you persevere! By the end of a run I feel mentally and physically cleansed. It started off as a love hate relationship, or mostly hate relationship but we got there in the end!

The app is super simple to use and you truly can be of any fitness level to start. The plan consists of 9 weeks of runs (not the toilet kind), which as you can imagine get harder week on week, but my gosh you can certainly see the improvement in your fitness and running performance. The first 5 weeks i’d say are intervals of running and walking, so 3 minutes of running, 2 minutes walking, 5 minutes running and 3 minutes walking and then this is gradually built up and your ‘walking time’ reduces over the weeks. The word ‘running’ is also used loosely – you don’t need to be going full pelt like Mo Farah , a gentle jog or trot in my case is totally fine. The aim is to just not stop when your during your ‘run’ phase.

The plan encourages you to complete 3 workouts a week, and at roughly 30 minutes each run, lets admits it, is reasonable to fit into your very busy life . The beauty of this app is that you can do this anywhere, wherever you are, I did start my plan at the gym on the treadmill, but honestly I find it harder and more challenging running outside and I have now switched to road/park running – I’m now back to the breathless mess. Who knew treadmill running and road running were so different!

Another point that really helps push you to complete the runs, is the trainer that coaches you through your earphones for the duration of your run. You may choose, either Jo Wiley, Michael Johnson (hardcore), Sarah Millican, Sanjeev Kohli and Laura (Laura who I do not know! Why does Laura not get her surname listed on the app?) The trainers provide tips, motivation and techniques through your headphones, this isn’t too overbearing either and they seem to chime in just when you need it – I never knew how long a minute actually was until I started running! You get to choose your trainer when you set up your app and you can change this whenever you may wish in the settings, the trainers voice comes through very loud, which on a few occasions made me jump out of my skin, do not have your volume bar on full!

The couch to 5k app, has honestly helped me so much with something I always wanted to do but ended up coming out with so many excuses, oh I don’t have the frame to run, I have dodgy ankles, I am too heavy, I used all of them, my middle name might as well have been ‘excuse’. This allows you to build up your fitness and eases you in gently, I never thought i’d see the day where I could run 5K comfortably but here I am.

I don’t know who I thought I was but back in April I applied for a Charity place for the London Marathon 2020 and last week got a phonecall to inform me that I was SUCCESSFUL.I am legit having a breakdown and I don’t know if my body is capable of running/jogging/walking/crawling 26.2 miles, so PLEASE any advice from marathon runners, or people that are in the same boat would be most appreciated. There is some fab motivation on instagram that I’ve seen but this most definitely does not make the huge 26.2 more appealing on bearable or survivable even.

I’ll be writing up another post on the marathon, my progress in training, yep there we go I’ve said it, I’m doing it. Even if I have to walk the whole damn thing! It is for charity after all.

More to come very soon from me.

Charlotte xoxo

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