September Seville

So… rather annoyingly this is the second time I’m writing this blog post. My laptop decided to crash just as I was finishing up my first draft and guess who was the wally that forgot to press save. I thought there was a thing called ‘Auto-save these days!’

Anyway… rant over and let’s get into it, because I truly do not mind writing about the beautiful Seville again. A breathtaking City that now has a piece of my heart. I will most definitely be going back.

We decided to spend a week in Seville because although known as a city break that could be done in 3 or 4 days, we wanted to enjoy the beautiful weather and have a few relaxing days by the pool as well as enjoy the hustle and bustle of the City.


We stayed at ‘One Shot Palacio Conde de Terrejon 09’, which was absolutely beautiful. The interiors were extremely well done and the hotel was clean and modern which is a must for me. Although the décor, was an instagrammer’s heaven, I did have some niggles about the hotel. Now.. this was only a boutique hotel and the rooms were small however, other properties  that I have stayed in before seem to make small rooms/storage work. In this hotel there was hardly ANY storage in the bedrooms. There was one tiny wardrobe that we had to share between two of us and as we were staying a week this was most definitely not enough room for our clothes. Because of this we had to create make-shift storage around the hotel room, you walked in our room and literally had my underwear in plain view … sorry housekeeping!

Another frustration that I had with the hotel was the pool and sun-bed area… or lack of. The photos of the pool and the sun-bed’s are SO deceiving on the website, it is made out to look like a fairly good sized pool and we thought we’d have the opportunity to lay in the sun if we wanted to. Now although Seville, is intended to be more of a city break and it is likely assumed that you will be out and about exploring, I think it is important (especially in a city that has an average temperature of 35 degrees in September), to have the choice to chill and use the pool. Well, don’t get your hopes up here – there were literally 7 sun-beds. There  was a queue (and a fight!) each morning to claim your sun-bed for the day. The pool area opened at 11am and I would make my way up to get in line at 10:30am.  This was serious business. Once we had learnt the standard procedure, we pretty much were able to get a sun-bed most days, although once you had it, you had to protect it like it was your child, dog, phone… you get my point. Even going to the toilet, the unlucky people who had failed to make the 10:30am queue would be watching you like hawks to check if you were leaving. They were like hungry lions eyeing up their prey! One day Brad and I made the mistake of nipping down to the room to grab some crisps for lunch (Big up Lays) and came back up to find our towels dumped in the corner of the pool  with two Lion’s having stolen our sun-beds. We were literally gone 5 minutes. I’m a scaredy cat and so obviously did not confront them and for the remainder of the afternoon we were subject to sitting on the pool steps. Don’t worry they had me giving them evils for the rest of the day.

Last thing that was slightly disappointing about the hotel was the breakfast and the bar. Firstly the Breakfast for what it was, was extortionate! It was 14 Euros for a bit of toast and jam, but on your doorstep you have so many beautiful, hidden cafes that serve a delicious, fresh breakfast so I would avoid committing to breakfast in any hotel that you are staying in. The hotel bar also closed at 8pm most nights. For a city that is renowned for eating dinner late, we would come home after dinner some nights and fancy a night cap. The fact that we’d get back to the hotel at 10:30pm/11pm which is early in Seville and couldn’t get a drink at the bar, we found really odd! We made do and bought some bevvie’s in the local shop… also FYI the fridge in the hotel room is minuscule, so only buy food and drink that you know you will consume.

Must See:

Now we REALLY slacked on our itinerary, for various reasons that I’ll go into in another post, but to sum up in a nutshell, Brad and I were super drained and in great need of .. doing nothing. So… we didn’t actually see as many places as we had intended to… which is just an excuse to go back!

One place that we did make it to and I would recommend thoroughly is the Plaza de Espana – without a doubt the most beautiful building I have ever seen, there were two weddings taking place when we visited! The Plaza de Espana is surrounded by a beautiful park, full of wildlife, exotic flowers and the greenest tree’s you have ever seen. We visited in the evening but you could take full advantage of the surroundings and have an afternoon picnic in the park. We saw the Plaza de Espana on our last night and I wish we went sooner because if we had time we would have gone back during the day. Also, if you’re a runner, then be sure to pack your trainers because this is a runners paradise!

Plaza de Espana

Another famous site in Seville and what has been described as an ‘architectural nightmare’ is the Metropol Parasol. Now, I would definitely recommend paying to walk up this monstrosity, but warning… it may give you vertigo! My eyes could’t work out the building, I was clinging onto the rails for dear life! All worth it though because the views that you can see of the City are breathtaking and if you do not end up paying to go up the structure, then there are ton’s of coffee shops and restaurants surrounding it.

Metropol Parasol

Lastly, and not necessarily a ‘tourist site’ but worth mentioning are the coffee shops and restaurants in Seville.You can wander round and find some incredible places, that really will not break the bank. For one week my boyfriend and I took £500 spending money, this covered our entry into any site’s that we wanted to see, taxi’s and 3 meals a day. I think that is pretty good! We did have chill days but I found Seville to be very good value for money. Any pizza lovers – there is THE best pizza place that you NEED to experience, you will never taste pizza that fresh ever again. For the life of me I can’t remember the name, but it is on the corner of the square, near the two pillars and the burger shop, if that helps!

Anyway, I think I better round this up here, it has turned into quite a long review of Seville and I could go on and on! It honestly was pure magic and my eyes are peeled for a good deal on flights to go back to see any tourist sites that we missed and of course most importantly… for that pizza!

Thanks for reading, Charlotte xoxo

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