My 2019 Goals And Resolutions

It is the time of the year where we have all over indulged over Christmas, lived in a blur of not knowing what day of the week it is, and dreading the return to work. I have absolutely adored not setting an alarm, cherishing my sleep and spending quality time with my loved ones. But as they say, all good things must come to an end, and my end was facing reality and getting back into a much needed routine!

I’ve been really trying to put some resolutions and goals in place for 2019 and I think for the first time ever I have not set these around my physical appearance. My resolution is not to lose 1 stone in a certain amount of time. It isn’t to tone my thighs so my legs look better in that dress for my friend’s birthday. It isn’t to start going to the gym twice a day for January to lose the Christmas bloat that I gained through spending time with people who make me happy.

This year my resolutions are based around things in my life that I feel will help my mind and boost positivity. As mentioned in some of my previous posts my anxiety has been creeping back at certain points and I really want to get my mind back to the best it can be. I want to feel completely happy again eliminating any worries that could be feeding my anxiety.

I have been really open with my money problems and very poor spending habits in the past which has now left me with a horrible amount of debt and is going to hinder my future plans. I had a very honest chat with my Mum about this and I realised that not only am I putting this worry on myself but I am also causing her stress which absolutely breaks my heart. I feel like a complete failure and it is my Mum that is beating herself up about it as she keeps asking herself… “what did I do wrong.” Nothing Mum. This was all me.

It was a conversation that we needed to have and it ended with her telling me that she knows I can pay off this debt if I put my mind to it. So my only real ‘solid’ resolution for 2019 is to make a dent in this debt. I am trying to be very mindful, save and really think about if I truly need what I have in my ASOS basket! It is so true that spending your money on ‘experiences’ rather than ‘things’ is worth so much more. Instead of Christmas presents this year me and my boyfriend went to Prague for 3 days, we got a really good deal and it was so nice to have an adventure over the Christmas break. Honestly the amount it cost us to go and explore a new City, which gave me true happiness was equivalent to some of my mindless splurges that give me 5 minutes of ‘joy’ but are quickly forgotten.  I think I’m going to do a review and travel post on Prague so that I change things up on here! I do not want to be all doom and gloom!

Some other things that aren’t so much resolutions but more things to try and maintain are:

  • Try a new spin class (I have been saying this for SO long) and after a few bad spin classes at past gyms I have been put off. But seeing the sweaty glow from people leaving my gym’s spin class has got me kind of jealous! So 2019 is the year to try something new!
  • Keep up with my running. I am definitely no pro here and I can just about run 5k (I am literally at throw up stage!) but this is comparing myself to a girl who couldn’t even run for 3 minutes this time last year. I am very proud of myself and want to continue watching myself improve.
  • Reduce the amount of heat I put on my hair. Silly one I know, but in the interest of keeping my hair healthy (and of course saving time) I am cutting down with the straighteners!

Anyway, here is to a happy and healthy 2019 everyone!

Charlotte xox

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